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Well our time on the walls of the Wine Expo Tasting Room
has finally come to an end. It was a good four year run that
included three really well attended receptions.

As the three house artists, Barbara Mastej, Maureen Cox and
I exhibited over 100 pieces of art during our extended show
in the two back rooms that make up the Wine Bar at the EXPO.

The one constant  was Two Red Pools, everybody’s favorite,
which hung over the bar the entire time. Its new home is in the
West L.A. Ameriprise offices lobby on Wilshire Boulevard.
Some of the other pieces are now in private homes, back on
sale at Saatchi Art, or stored and ready for the next venue.



Lft1We’ll miss the large walls and low light of the Tasting Room,
but the four years we decorated them was a gift. The original
plan was to be up for three months. We may return some day,
but for now, it’s au revoir.

Tune in for upcoming exhibits.



































Hama Sushi

I was on display at Hama Sushi from October 2012 to the
end of January 2013. The owners and all the staff at Hama
are the best. I was again exhibiting with Barbara Mastej,
and we managed to hang two shows that fit right in with
the decor at Hama.

Showing pieces from my “Disparities in Nature” series
seemed apropos, since they have a bit of an Asian feel.

I spent a lot of time at the Sushi Bar there back in the 90s.
So it was great to spend a little time on the walls.

Many thanks to Regina, the curator, Esther, John and the
entire Hama staff.









Wee Gallery of Fine Arts — 2011

January 2011, I won First Prize in the Painting Category of an
international art competition at the Wee Gallery of Fine Arts
in Scottsdale Arizona. Bamboo was the entry that hung in the
gallery on Main Street. Other entries included works by painters
from all over the US, Europe, Canada, and Korea. The opening
on January 4th wasn’t documented extensively, but you can
take a look at some of the pictures that are available.






Scottsdale galleries show mainly Western Art. Wee and a few
others, are part of a movement to bring more contemporary
art to Main Street. Besides fulfilling his role as proprietor,
Wee D. Kang is himself a composer and incredible artist.

And by the way, the Western Art in Scottsdale is outstanding.

Wee Gallery of Fine Arts
7010 East Main Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85252
















Wee Gallery of Fine Arts — 2012

In 2012 I did it again. This time I won “Best in Show”
and spent a week in Scottsdale with the gallery director
and her husband, Inhee and Howard Settle. Both are
great creatives in their own right, and they are two of
the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

It was good to see Wee, his family and staff again.
And of course, meeting artist from around the country
is also a great experience.

My entry this year was from my “Ravens” series.
“What Chills Us Is Not The Hunter, But The Night”
is a bit dark in content (big surprise) and is meant to
illustrate the idea that we always fear what we can’t
see (metaphorically speaking) or understand. I was
surprised at how well it was received.












I love Scottsdale, and I will continue to enter the contest
at The Wee Gallery of Fine Arts for as long as they hold
the competition. It’s become the highlight of my year.



Barbara Mastej, our friend and colleague Drew Dunlap,
and I had a three-man show at The Cadillac Hotel,
located at 8 Dudley Avenue
 near Ocean Front Walk.
The exhibit titled Another Tick on the Timeline,
was named based upon the idea that we were three
Venice artists, passing through 
history and making our
contribution to carry on the
 creative spirit of this
infamous block.


The opening was part of the
 Venice Art Crawl on
January 19th, 2012. Piccolo Restaurant, across the
street at the famed “7 Dudley” location (formerly the
Venice West Café, and later Sponto Gallery) provided
the food and a 25% Patrons of the Arts discount to
diners who were attending the show that evening. 2-IMG_9558

The reception drew a huge crowd, so it became a bit of
a mob scene at one point, yet everyone had a great time.
Councilman Bill Rosendahl attended and presented
Certificates of Appreciation to The Cadillac Hotel and
7 Dudley for their roles as key locations in the rich
artistic history of Venice, noting them as “the epicenter
of the bohemian art movement in Los Angeles”.

The reception was officially over at 11:00 pm, but it
is Venice, so the crowd didn’t die down until 1:00 am.
Thanks to The Cadillac for their understanding.