Assuming artists create with their lives as much as with their eyes and hands,
often the compelling aspect of a piece of art reveals a significant moment in the life of the artist.
When I look through my own body of work, I recognize elements that stem from my psychedelic youth on the Jersey Shore,
hitchhiking exploits around the country that culminated in a run of unbridled years in California,
and even my corporate career in advertising. Having viewed the world through an assortment of vantage points,
I’ve acquired a wealth of experiences, perceptions and emotions — all of which are reflected in my art.

While enduring years of the inherent constraints in the advertising industry, the free expression of my fine arts endeavors
continue to be liberating, yet still deliberate. I remain bohemian to the bone, but grounded through my intellect, organizational skills,
and the hidden logic that guides all of my work. I avoid figurative subjects unless they play a requisite role in a concept.
I find abstract work a much more direct expression of intimate emotions an sensations,
as well as a more effective conduit to convey them to others.Whether it be triumph or tranquility, risk or desperation,
visual context and the feelings they arouse are left to the interpretation of the viewer.

My diverse personal history makes it hard for me to settle on one style. I am pragmatic, yet my visuals tend to be wild.
Traditionally trained and a surrealist at heart, I paint from concepts, visions and dreams. The translation of thought into images
is at the core of my work. My technique can exhibit the precision of an engineer or the chaotic spontaneity of a maniac.
In all cases, I love to create art through the intentional manipulation of paint.

I’ve always felt that when someone chooses a piece of art, a relationship is formed between that person and the artist.
The intimate expression of one person now occupies the personal space of another. If acquired for its sheer esthetic,
patrons may ultimately find that secrets in the paintings reflect the secrets in themselves.
Maybe this is why I love to paint.